Friday, April 30, 2010


Destiny’s been innocent the whole time. Ever since the arrest in Sea View. They tried to frame her for the Satin Strangler murders the first time in the criminal case. They stole her life savings in the civil case. But that Broadway stunt was the worst.

Leopold Leroux should be ashamed for putting on that show in the first place. People were in the theater with their kids. Nobody was expecting what happened. How could he let someone get murdered in the middle of the show? It was the most grotesque sight I have ever witnessed. I keep having nightmares about it.

Destiny didn’t kill Horace Krouch. Some people are saying he killed himself, or else that guy in the dress strangled him. I think somebody else killed them both to frame Destiny. They keep showing the Horace Krouch eyeglasses footage on TV, but you know it’s been Photoshopped.

We can’t stand for this. Let your voices be heard, Destiny’s Crusaders. Join our latest on-line petition to protect Destiny’s rights. Then contact your congress person and speak your mind. Help prevent Destiny from taking the fall for murders she didn’t commit.


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